high yield steel flanges EN10025-6 S550Q 1.8924 steel plate

Gangsteel export EN10025-6 S550Q Quenched and tempered high yield strength structure |S460Q|S460QL|S460QL1|S500Q|S500QL|S500QL1|S550Q|S550QL|S550QL1|S620Q|S620QL|S620QL1|S690Q|S690QL|S690QL1|S890Q|S890QL|S890QL1|S960Q|S960QL|S960QL1|Steel-plate|Steel-sheet.

For example, the UNS prefix letter for carbon and alloy steels is “G,” and the primary four digits are the SAE designation, for example, SAE 1040 is UNS G10400. Carbon and alloy steels not referred to within the SAE system are categorized beneath the prefix letter “K.”

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We export EN10025-6|S460Q|S460QL|S460QL1|S500Q|S500QL|S500QL1|S550Q|S550QL|S550QL1|S620Q|S620QL|S620QL1|S690Q|S690QL|S690QL1|S890Q|S890QL|S890QL1|S960Q|S960QL|S960QL1|Carbon-Structural-Steel-Plate|High-Strength-Structural-Steel-Plate|Carbon-Steel-plate|Structural-Steel-Plate
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It works carefully with the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization , the European Telecommunications Standards Institute , and the International Organization for Standardization . It also has shut liaisons with European commerce and professional organizations. The principal task of CEN is to arrange and issue European requirements , defined as a set of technical specs established and permitted in collaboration with the parties concerned in the numerous member countries of CEN. They are established on the principle of consensus and adopted by the votes of weighted majority. Adopted requirements must be carried out of their entirety as nationwide requirements by each member nation, regardless of the method by which the nationwide member voted, and any conflicting nationwide requirements must be withdrawn. The identification of European requirements in every member country begins with the reference letters of the nation’s nationwide standards body, for instance, BS for BSI in the United Kingdom, DIN for DIN in Germany, NF for AFNOR in France, and so forth. It is adopted by the initials EN and a sequential number of up to 5 digits.

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Note the differences in the Cr, Ni, and Mo contents amongst all of the standards and the N restrict within the EN standard. These variations will have an effect on the corrosion resistance efficiency in lots of applications, such that the user have to be very careful when deciding on a comparative steel based mostly solely on information in this handbook.
The minimal content of 0.015% applies to soluble aluminium,this worth is regarded as attained if the entire aluminium content materials is at least 0.018%; in case of dispute the soluble aluminium content material shall be decided New alternatives for buyers! EN is Standard specifies Hot rolled products of structural steels. ST52-3 steels is a low alloy, excessive strength structural steel which can be readily welded to other weldable metal.ST52-three steels Mechanical properties is Yield strength greater than 355 MPa, tensile power Mpa.With its low carbon equivalent, ST52-three metal.

steeldriversl EN10025-6 S550Q 1.8924 steel plate

what does high yield strength mean EN10025-6 S550Q 1.8924 steel plate

Gangsteel factory S550Q Steel Standard :EN10025-6,ASTM-A578/A578M,ASTM-A435/A435M,EN10160
Our Rolling Size: Thickness*Width*Length 3-600mm*1220-4200mm*5000-18000mm
UT (Ultrasonic examination), AR(As Hot Rolled only), TMCP(Thermal Mechanical Control Processing),CR��Control Rolled����NR��Normalizing Rolled���� N(Normalized), Q+T(Quenched and Tempered), Z Direction Test(Z15,Z25,Z35) , Charpy V-Notch Impact Test(-20��,-40��), HIC test, NDT , PWHT( Simulated Post Weld Heat Treatment),NACE0175,The Third Party Test (Such as SGS Test), Coated or Shot Blasting and Painting.
Relative grade of EN10025-6:

stainlessstee EN10025-6 S550Q 1.8924 steel plate

cyaniding, n–introducing carbon and nitrogen into a strong metal object by holding it above Ac1 in contact with molten cyanide of appropriate composition. cycle annealing, n–annealing employing a predetermined and carefully controlled time-temperature cycle to produce specific properties or a selected microstructure. decarburization, n–the lack of carbon from the floor of a metal object as a result of its being heated in a medium that reacts with the carbon.

steeldrives EN10025-6 S550Q 1.8924 steel plate

As a result, these seven bearing steels within these two requirements are not equivalent, however are comparable. This a part of EN gives the properties and other delivery situations for flat merchandise for common functions, i.e. not for strain vessels nor for aerospace or different specialised purposes, such as springs, It is used for ordering purposes. For conformance functions, this calculated value for iron is compared on an individual basis to the imply values permitted by the specification for each of the opposite parts having a specified vary or a specified most. Some chromium-containing steels may contain more than 2 % carbon; nevertheless, 2 % carbon is generally thought of to be the demarcation between steel and cast iron. UNS Designation System The Unified Numbering System is an alphanumeric designation system consisting of a letter followed by five numbers.

  • Since the American Iron and Steel Institute does not write materials specifications, the relationship between AISI and grade designations has been discontinued.
  • EN is Standard specifies Hot rolled merchandise of structural steels.
  • The minimal content of 0.015% applies to soluble aluminium,this worth is considered attained if the total aluminium content materials is a minimum of 0.018%; in case of dispute the soluble aluminium content material shall be determined New opportunities for buyers!
  • With this basic methodology in place, the following is a listing of the comparability guidelines that were established to produce this handbook.

case, n–in case hardening, the outer portion that has been made tougher than the core because of altered composition or microstructure, or both, from treatments corresponding to carburizing, nitriding, and induction hardening. case hardening, n–a generic time period masking any of several processes applicable to steel that change the chemical composition or microstructure, or both, of the surface layer.

1. EN 10025-6 steel grade specification is a high yield strength structural steels in the quenched and tempered condition steel plate grade in S460Q, S460QL, S460QL1, S550Q, S550QL, S550QL1, S500Q, S500QL, S500QL1, S960Q, S960QL, S620Q, S620QL, S620QL1, S690Q, S690QL, S690QL1, S890Q, S890QL1 and S890QL steel plate grade.

S550Q steel plate is a hydroelectric steel plate, which is a low-alloy high-strength steel plate. It is a German standard steel plate. It has the characteristics of high yield and more strengthening alloy elements.
Mechnical property for EN 10025-6 S550Q High strength steel:

Thickness (mm)


≥ 3 ≤ 50

> 50 ≤ 100

> 100

Yield strength (≥Mpa)




Tensile strength (Mpa)




2. Delivery status: delivery in quenched and tempered quenched and tempered state.
It is also possible to add flaw detection standard requirements, flaw detection level requirements, Z-direction performance requirements, requirements for adding special alloy elements, etc., but it needs to be communicated between the supplier and the buyer and indicated in the contract.

3. Executive standard: WYJ (Wugang Technology Research and Development Association Standard)

4. The chemical composition of S550Q steel plate (melting analysis)
Chemical composition % of the Product analysis of grade EN 10025-6 S550Q (1.8904)

































C: <=0.22
Si:<=0.86 Si:<=1.80 P:<=0.030 S:<=0.017
N: <=0.0060
Cu: <=0.55
Mo:<=0.74 Cr:<=1.60 V:<=0.14 Nb:<=0.07
Ti: <=0.07
B: <=0.0060
Ni: <=2.10
5. Mechanical properties of S550Q steel plate:
Yield strength Tensile strength Elongation%

6. What is EN 10025-6 QT S550Q STEEL?
EN 10025-6 QT S550Q STEE also named as S550Q high strength low alloy steel plate under steel stand EN 10025-6 which is for hot rolled structural steels with high yield strength and tensile strength in quenched and tempered delivery condition.Quenching operation which consists of cooling a ferrous steel plate more rapidly than in still air.

Tempering heat treatment applied to a ferrous steel plate generally after quench hardening or other heat treatment to bring the properties to the required level.S550Q shall be done low temperature impacting test under minus 20 centigrade.


buying steel EN10025-6 S550Q 1.8924 steel plate

The e-guide makes looking for a comparable metal a quick and straightforward process. In some instances, the user could discover out that the metal is non-comparable. Tie a series to it and anchor it to your desk, as a result of once others see it, they’re going to want to use your copy. I am interested in your comments and recommendations to enhance this handbook, so I encourage you to send your feedback on to ASTM.

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