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Nm400,nm 400 Steel Plate

Its mechanical properties are 3 instances to 5 instances that of odd low alloy steel plates, and it can considerably enhance the wear resistance of mechanical parts. Therefore, the service lifetime of machinery and the production price are reduced. Suitable structural metal plates for the processing and manufacturing of wear resistant and weak elements for mines and varied engineering machinery.

Nm 500,nm 500 Steel Plate

An NM400 wear-resistant metal was sizzling rolled after which the plates had been heat-handled by direct quenching and tempering and reheat quenching and tempering techniques, respectively. The impact test was carried out with an instrumented impression tester. The micro-structure and fracture floor were investigated by a mixture of optical microscopy, transmission electron microscopy and scanning electron microscopy strategies.

Nm400 Resistance Steel Plate

The prospect of exporting to the United States, Canada, Australia, India and Europe is an efficient prospect. NM400 wear resistant steel plate has excessive put on resistance and good impression efficiency. NM400 metal can be minimize, bend, weld and so forth, and can be connected with other buildings by welding, plug welding, bolt connection and different ways.

  • Therefore, the service life of machinery and the manufacturing price are lowered.
  • Its mechanical properties are three instances to 5 occasions that of odd low alloy metal plates, and it can considerably improve the damage resistance of mechanical elements.
  • Suitable structural steel plates for the processing and manufacturing of wear resistant and weak parts for mines and numerous engineering equipment.

H Beams / H Section Steel

With time-saving, convenient and different characteristics in the means of maintenance, NM400 put on resistant metal plates are widely utilized in metallurgy, coal, cement, electricity, glass. Compared with different materials, NM400 metal has a excessive value efficiency ratio, and has received increasingly industries and producers favor. NM400 is one sort of Chinese put on/abrasion resistant metal plates, which is well acquired in middle east and Africa.

With high mechanical strength, NM400 is three occasions to 5 instances more than frequent low-alloy steel plates which can significantly enhance surface hardness, often achieved 360 ~ 450HB. The alloy wear resistant layer and matrix of NM400 wear resistant metal plates are metallurgical bonding.

The high hardness self-shielding alloy welding wire is welded evenly on the substrate by particular gear and automatic welding technology. The uniform transverse cracks seem within the composite process due to the totally different alloy shrinkage ratio. This is the remarkable characteristic of NM400 wear resistant steel plates. NM400 steel plates are demanded extensively by many commercial industries as they offer nice wear resistance, excessive energy and thus significantly bettering put on resistance of heavy mechanical components. As in comparison with odd or low alloy steel mechanical properties of NM400 steel plate is 3 to five occasions extra.

NM400 steel