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Nm400,nm 400 Steel Plate

Buy Steel & Stainless Steel Products & Components in bulk from us for the highest quality products and service. The present invention relates to a kind of engineering machinery excessive-power abrasion-proof metal plate and manufacturing process, specifically a sort of NM500 high-strength abrasion-proof steel plate and thermal remedy process thereof. NM500 Steel Plates, NM500 Wear/ Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate Manufacturer in China, NM500 Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate, High Strength Wear Resistant Alloy Steel Plate NM500 Stockist, NM500 Plates Manufacturer.

nm 600 Steel Plate

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NM500 steel

  • Suitable structural steel plates for the processing and manufacturing of wear and tear resistant and weak elements for mines and numerous engineering machinery.
  • Its mechanical properties are 3 times to five instances that of ordinary low alloy steel plates, and it can significantly improve the wear and tear resistance of mechanical parts.
  • Therefore, the service lifetime of machinery and the manufacturing value are reduced.

Corrosion Resistant Steel Plate/sheet Nm500 Wnm500

It produces more than 5000 tons of nm400 metal plate for development equipment, mining machinery, coal mining machinery, environmental protection equipment, metallurgical machinery and other manufacturing enterprises, corresponding to excavator, loader, bulldozer bucket plate, edge plate, facet blade plate, blade, crusher liner and blade construction project. The prospect of exporting to the United States, Canada, Australia, India and Europe is an effective prospect. GB T24186 NM500 abrasion resistant steel plates are broadly used in construction equipment, mining equipment, coal mining equipment, environmental protection machinery, metallurgy equipment, grinding tools, bearings and other product components. It is used for excavator, loader, bulldozer bucket board, blade plate, side blade plate, blade and crusher liner, and so forth.

Nm500 Steel Plates

Sourced from trusted distributors the supplied plates are broadly used for his or her finishing, quality and durability. We are an organization that specializes in put on-resistant metal plates, NM360 put on-resistant plates, NM400 put on-resistant plates, NM450 put on-resistant plates, NM500 put on-resistant plates, NM600 wear-resistant plates wholesale and retail, precision processing, is a metal Product gross sales and precision steel processing, engineering manufacturing, logistics and distribution, exporter.

Its mechanical properties are three times to 5 times that of odd low alloy metal plates, and it could possibly considerably enhance the wear and tear resistance of mechanical components. Therefore, the service life of equipment and the manufacturing cost are decreased. Suitable structural metal plates for the processing and manufacturing of damage resistant and weak components for mines and varied engineering machinery.