EN 10025-6 S550QL 1.8926 high strength is

Gangsteel supply EN10025-6 s550ql and EN10027-1 s550ql and EN10027-2 1.8926 steel . thickness 3mm to 180mm.Heat treatment of S550QL steel : Quenching and tempering (Q+T) S550QL is a European standard special alloy structural steel, attributed to quenched and tempered high yield strength structural steel, S indicates structural steel, 550 is the yield value, unit MPa, Q indicates delivery
Conditions, L indicates that the temperature is not lower than -50��, the specified smaller value of impact energy, S550QL steel is a trademark in the EN 10025-6 specification, this specification rules that the smaller nominal thickness of the steel is 3mm, and the larger nominal thickness ≤

high yield steel plate EN10025-6 1.8924 steel plate

The suitability of en structural steel pipe consists of applications corresponding to bolted connections, welding, in addition to riveting. Since non-alloy S235JR is definitely weldable and bendable, the material works out to be well suited for use in non-critical structures. The machinability traits of the EN Steel Pipe material is similar to that of gentle grades.

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Gangsteel produce EN10025-6 s550ql and EN10027-1 s550ql and EN10027-2 1.8926 steel plate. thickness 3mm to 180mm.Heat treatment of S550QL steel plate
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After more than two years of researching steel requirements and gathering information from all over the world for the 2nd and third editions of this handbook, then growing a comparison order to greater than one hundred,000 items of knowledge, this handbook is an ongoing and expanding project. The addition of a totally searchable e-e-book on CD-ROM makes this product even more useful, since looking for one piece of information in additional than a hundred,000 isn’t a straightforward task. The e-e-book makes searching for a comparable metal a fast and simple course of.


What is different in EN10025-6 S550Q S550QL and S550QL1?

S550Q, S550QL, S550QL1 are European standard quenched and tempered high-strength structural steel plates.
S550Q, S550QL, S550QL1 organize production and implement European standard EN10025-6.
S550Q, S550QL, and S550QL1 conform to EN10029 standard for appearance quality deviation.
The main difference between S500, QS550QL and S550QL1 is low temperature impact toughness: Q means -20℃ impact; QL means -40℃ impact; QL1 means -50℃.

What is EN10025-6 S550QL Carbon Equivalent: CEV?

Thickness, mm

Max CEV based on the ladle analysis







What is EN 10025-6 QT steel plate referring standard?
EN 1011-2 Welding-Recommendations for welding of metallic materials-Part 2: Recommendations for arc welding of ferritic steels
EN 10020: 2000 definition and classification of steel grades
EN 10025-1: 2004 Hot-rolled structural steel products-Part 1: General technical delivery conditions
EN 10027-1 Steel naming system-Part 1: Steel names and symbols
EN 10027-2 Steel naming system-Part 2: Steel number
EN 10163-1 Delivery requirements for surface conditions of hot-rolled steel plates, wide flat products and sections-Part 1: General requirements.
EN 10163-2 Delivery requirements for surface conditions of hot-rolled steel plates, wide flat products and sections-Part 2: Plates and wide flat products
EN 10164 Steel products with through-thickness performance-Technical delivery conditions


EN10025-6 S550QL Mechanical Properties



Yield Strength

Tensile Strength


Charpy V Notch Impact Test


Min Value



Min Mpa


Min %
















Note: Impact energy for impact test is on longitudinal

EN10025-6 S550QL Chemical Composition


The Element Max (%)






























At room temperature, the value of the influence exams of the EN S235J2 Material stands at 27 joules. NOTE 1–UNS designations shall not be used for metals and alloys that aren’t registered underneath the system described herein, or for any metallic or alloy whose composition differs from these registered.

low-alloy steel, n–a metal, aside from a carbon metal or an interstitial-free metal, that conforms to a specification that requires the minimum content material for each specified alloying factor to be lower than the applicable restrict within the definition for alloy steel. producer, n–the organization responsible for the conversion of supplies into products assembly the necessities of a product specification. microalloyed steel, n–a low-alloy metal that conforms to a specification that requires the presence of a number of carbide-, nitride-, or carbonitride-forming parts, typically in individual concentrations less than 0.15 mass percent, to reinforce energy. SAE Designation System and Related AISI Designation System Carbon and Alloy Steels For many years, certain grades of carbon and alloy steels have been designated by a four-digit AISI/SAE numbering system that identified the grades in accordance with commonplace chemical compositions. Since the American Iron and Steel Institute doesn’t write material specifications, the relationship between AISI and grade designations has been discontinued.

  • The minimal content of 0.015% applies to soluble aluminium,this worth is thought to be attained if the whole aluminium content material is at least 0.018%; in case of dispute the soluble aluminium content shall be determined New opportunities for patrons!
  • continuous-conveyance furnace, n–a heating device by way of which metal objects are deliberately moved at a constant fee in the course of the thermal processing cycle.
  • cold remedy, n–exposing a steel object to temperatures below room temperature for the purpose of obtaining desired circumstances or properties, similar to dimensional or structural stability.
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mild steel bar sale EN10025-6 S550Q 1.8924 steel plate

slack quenching, n–the incomplete hardening of a steel object due to quenching from the austenitizing temperature at a fee slower than the important cooling price for the actual metal composition, ensuing in the formation of one or more transformation products in addition to martensite. heat therapy, n–heating and cooling a metal object in such a way as to obtain desired conditions or properties.

american metal steel EN10025-6 S550Q 1.8924 steel plate

In that case, SC 4330 can be rejected since it would not have a comparative steel . The same argument could possibly be made when evaluating GS-33 CrNiMo and G30NiCrMo8 within the second group, where the differing nickel contents could possibly be a foundation for rejection on a stricter comparison. A classic closest match instance is proven in Table 1.three, where in comparison with the three other steels on this group, the 4 grades inside EN are totally different; and a few could argue that, on this basis, it doesn’t belong to this comparative group. However, the Cr-Al-Mo alloys in this group are typically used as nitriding steels, and the EN steels are the closest match for this group.

metal usa EN10025-6 S550Q 1.8924 steel plate

Typically S235JR pipes under this specification can be utilized in structural functions similar to car structures, the construction of buildings and bridges, and tools and cutters as well as for some parts in shipbuilding. The EN specification refers to a set of European standards which cover structural steels in addition to specifying their technical delivery situations as properly. being quenched is removed from the quenching medium whereas the thing is at a temperature considerably larger than that of the quenching medium.

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For example, ASTM A 958 Grade SC 4330 has one chemical composition, but has thirteen totally different energy courses based mostly on warmth therapy . So just because two metal grades have comparative chemical compositions doesn’t imply that they’re comparable in mechanical properties, and vice versa. Using knowledge discovered on this handbook is just one step find appropriate comparable steel for the intended utility. With this fundamental methodology in place, the following is a listing of the comparison rules that were established to supply this handbook.

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carbon restoration, n–changing the carbon misplaced from the floor layer in previous processing by carburizing this layer to considerably the original carbon stage. carbonitriding, n–case hardening in which an appropriate metal object is heated above Ac1 in a gaseous environment of such composition as to cause simultaneous absorption of carbon and nitrogen by the surface and, by diffusion, to create a focus gradient. carburizing, n–a process by which an austenitized metal object is brought into contact with a carbonaceous environment of sufficient carbon potential to trigger absorption of carbon on the floor and, by diffusion, to create a focus gradient.

Likewise, since alloys steels and stainless steels are generally selected based on their chemistry, it was determined that chemical composition can be used to compare them. An exception to the above methodology is for the structural steels information in Chapter three, the place the tensile strength was used as the principle comparability criterion for carbon and alloy steels.

This produced Table 1.2, which was then divided into two separate comparative groups based mostly on the differing molybdenum contents above and under 0.30­0.35 % Mo. The skinny black line in Table 1.2 is the separator between the 2 comparative teams. If you have already got PDF viewing software program put in, insert the CD-ROM into your CD drive and click the “View E-e-book” button in the software program menu to open the E-e-book. If you need to install Adobe Reader, please visit the Adobe web site at to download and set up the most recent version of the software program. The Adobe website has detailed info regarding Adobe software and its minimum system necessities. Please evaluation the pertinent data relating to Adobe software program before obtain and set up.

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