EN 10025-6 S550QL 1.8926 high strength alloy

Gangsteel supply EN10025-6 s550ql and EN10027-1 s550ql and EN10027-2 1.8926 steel . thickness 3mm to 180mm.Heat treatment of S550QL steel : Quenching and tempering (Q+T) S550QL is a European standard special alloy structural steel, attributed to quenched and tempered high yield strength structural steel, S indicates structural steel, 550 is the yield value, unit MPa, Q indicates delivery
Conditions, L indicates that the temperature is not lower than -50��, the specified smaller value of impact energy, S550QL steel is a trademark in the EN 10025-6 specification, this specification rules that the smaller nominal thickness of the steel is 3mm, and the larger nominal thickness ≤

rimmed metal, n—a steel that contained adequate oxygen to generate carbon monoxide on the boundary between the stable metallic and the remaining molten steel throughout solidification, resulting in an outer layer low in carbon. semikilled steel, n—an incompletely deoxidized steel that contained adequate oxygen to type enough entrapped carbon monoxide throughout solidification to offset solidification shrinkage. specified element, n—in steel, an element managed to a specified minimal, most, or vary, in accordance with the requirements of the applicable product specification.

thereunder, as regards to the important stresses for the fabric. 2.2.four.1.), insofar as the order of magnitude of those masses isn’t negligible. corresponding velocity, for “out of service” situations are indicated in the table T.2.2.four.1.2.2. stress attaining at least a fraction y (O ≤ x ≤ 1) of the maximum stress. attaining a minimum of a fraction y (0 ≤ y ≤ 1) of the utmost loading (see determine 2.1.2.three.1.). load is hoisted and ending in the intervening time when the appliance is ready to hoist the following load. stability conditions to be observed for the varied load mixtures.

  • In this fashion, the user should first consider the information in the A desk, then see how nicely the data within the B desk match the steels that are being compared.
  • For example, ASTM A 958 Grade SC 4330 has one chemical composition, but has 13 totally different energy courses based mostly on heat therapy .
  • Table numbers ending in the letter A designate that it was the principle criterion used for comparability, whereas desk numbers ending with the letter B were “mirrored” from the A tables.

direct quenching, n—in thermochemical processing, quenching immediately following the thermochemical remedy. double getting older, n—employment of two completely different aging treatments, in sequence, to regulate the kind of precipitate fashioned from a supersaturated alloy matrix so as to acquire the desired properties. DISCUSSION—the primary aging therapy, generally known as intermediate or stabilizing, is often carried out at the next temperature than the second. The minimal content of 0.015% applies to soluble aluminium,this worth is regarded as attained if the total aluminium content material is no less than 0.018%; in case of dispute the soluble aluminium content shall be decided New opportunities for consumers! Since the American Iron and Steel Institute doesn’t write materials specifications, the relationship between AISI and grade designations has been discontinued.

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Gangsteel produce EN10025-6 s550ql and EN10027-1 s550ql and EN10027-2 1.8926 steel plate. thickness 3mm to 180mm.Heat treatment of S550QL steel plate
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They are established on the principle of consensus and adopted by the votes of weighted majority. Adopted standards should be carried out in their entirety as national standards by every member nation, whatever the way during which the nationwide member voted, and any conflicting nationwide requirements should be withdrawn. The identification of European requirements in every member country begins with the reference letters of the nation’s nationwide requirements body, for instance, BS for BSI in the United Kingdom, DIN for DIN in Germany, NF for AFNOR in France, etc. It is adopted by the initials EN and a sequential number of as much as 5 digits. For instance, BS EN 10025, DIN EN 10025, or NF EN are all the same EN commonplace, which can be found in English, French, and German. An EN normal could include one document or it might be made up of several parts.

Tensile strength is the resistance that characterizes the maximum uniform plastic deformation of ONORM S 500 Q ÖNORM EN . The deformation of tensile specimens is uniform earlier than they bear the maximum tensile stress, however beyond that, the ONORM S 500 Q ÖNORM EN begins to neck, i.e. focus deformation. Metals Depot shares lots of of sizes of steel angle that you can purchase on-line in capable of ship precut or mill lengths or you can order simply what you need customized Cut to Size in small or large amount at wholesale prices. COMPARISON OF ASME SPECIFICATIONS AND … ASME SA-370 specification is analogous with ASTM A 370. For willpower EN S890Q provider of yield power, ASME SA-370 specifies a pressure value in the decreased part not more than 0.001 in./in./sec.

yield strength of high strength steel EN10025-6 1.8924 steel plate

To say the least, these rules changed from chapter to chapter while the book was being written. It wasn’t till the final chapter and appendix were completed that I was in a position to finalize the principles of comparison. In the top, a complete evaluation of the guide was carried out ensuing within the reorganization of some chapters and the fine-tuning of others. There were too many events once I thought the book was completed, solely to have to change, add, or delete a rule which made yet another evaluate of the book necessary. The addition of a totally searchable e-e-book on CD-ROM makes this product much more valuable, since looking for one piece of information in more than 100,000 isn’t a straightforward task. The e-e-book makes searching for a comparable steel a quick and easy process.

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Section 2 describes the system of alphanumeric designations or “numbers” established for every family of metals and alloys. Section three outlines the organization established for administering the system.


What is different in EN10025-6 S550Q S550QL and S550QL1?

S550Q, S550QL, S550QL1 are European standard quenched and tempered high-strength structural steel plates.
S550Q, S550QL, S550QL1 organize production and implement European standard EN10025-6.
S550Q, S550QL, and S550QL1 conform to EN10029 standard for appearance quality deviation.
The main difference between S500, QS550QL and S550QL1 is low temperature impact toughness: Q means -20℃ impact; QL means -40℃ impact; QL1 means -50℃.

What is EN10025-6 S550QL Carbon Equivalent: CEV?

Thickness, mm

Max CEV based on the ladle analysis







What is EN 10025-6 QT steel plate referring standard?
EN 1011-2 Welding-Recommendations for welding of metallic materials-Part 2: Recommendations for arc welding of ferritic steels
EN 10020: 2000 definition and classification of steel grades
EN 10025-1: 2004 Hot-rolled structural steel products-Part 1: General technical delivery conditions
EN 10027-1 Steel naming system-Part 1: Steel names and symbols
EN 10027-2 Steel naming system-Part 2: Steel number
EN 10163-1 Delivery requirements for surface conditions of hot-rolled steel plates, wide flat products and sections-Part 1: General requirements.
EN 10163-2 Delivery requirements for surface conditions of hot-rolled steel plates, wide flat products and sections-Part 2: Plates and wide flat products
EN 10164 Steel products with through-thickness performance-Technical delivery conditions


EN10025-6 S550QL Mechanical Properties



Yield Strength

Tensile Strength


Charpy V Notch Impact Test


Min Value



Min Mpa


Min %
















Note: Impact energy for impact test is on longitudinal

EN10025-6 S550QL Chemical Composition


The Element Max (%)






























582 is a sequential quantity with none relationship to the steel’s properties. M signifies that the standard A 582M is written in rationalized SI models (the “M” comes from the word “Metric”), hence together A 582/A 582M includes both inchpound and SI units. 95 indicates the yr of adoption or last revision and a letter b following the year signifies the third revision of the usual in 1995. Grade 303Se indicates the grade of the metal, and on this case, it has a Se addition. Scope 1.1 This practice covers a unified numbering system for metals and alloys which have a “industrial standing” , and covers the process by which such numbers are assigned.

With this fundamental methodology in place, the next is a listing of the comparability guidelines that have been established to produce this handbook. being quenched is faraway from the quenching medium while the item is at a temperature substantially higher than that of the quenching medium. isothermal annealing, n—austenitizing a steel object and then cooling it to, and holding it at, a temperature at which austenite transforms to a ferrite-carbide aggregate. isothermal transformation, n—a change in part at any constant temperature.

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This commonplace has been approved for use by agencies of the Department of Defense. ASTM International takes no position respecting the validity of any patent rights asserted in connection with any item mentioned on this normal. Users of this commonplace are expressly suggested that willpower of the validity of any such patent rights, and the risk of infringement of such rights, are entirely their very own accountability. This normal is topic to revision at any time by the accountable technical committee and have to be reviewed every ve years and if not revised, both reapproved or withdrawn. Your feedback are invited either for revision of this normal or for added standards and should be addressed to ASTM International Headquarters.

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