EN10025-6 s500q steel

We supply and export EN 10025-6 steel plate S500Q 1.8924. EN10025-6 S500Q and 1.8924 cutting parts which specification is a high yield strength structural steels in the quenched and tempered. The condition steel plate grade in S500QL, S500QL1, S460Q, S460QL, S460QL1, S620QL1, S550Q, S550QL, S550QL1, S500Q, S890QL1, S960Q, S960QL, S620Q, S620QL, S690Q, S690QL, S690QL1, S890Q and S890QL steel grade.

EN10025-6 S500Q 1.8924 3/4 carbon steel plate

FandomAlloy Plate is a typical element that may be found on Venus, Jupiter, Sedna, Ceres, Phobos, and Pluto. These ought to be seen as recommendation for locating the resource until higher details are confirmed. They present a novel mixture of excellent welding properties with excessive strengths. Offshore steels, wear resistant grades, high power steels, boiler and stress vessel steels, and shipbuilding grades are a number of the forms of application-oriented structural steels that are out there in the market today. These steels are very adaptable and can be used even in circumstances where maximize energy or structure is required whereas the weight is maintained at a minimal.

EN s500q en high strength metal plateS690QL1 has the steel number 1.8988 in accordance with EN and is out there on an ex-inventory foundation in thicknesses from 6 mm to 250 mm.

  • Gangsteel cooperated with HBIS Wuyang mill to export excessive yield energy steel plate and Gangsteel have a lot manufacturing experience in excessive energy steel grade.
  • S890Q

    EN10025-6 S500Q 1.8924 carbon steel plate vs mild steel plate

    This particular steel grade ic categorised in Part 2 of the Euronorm specification EN 10025. The letter capital S within the time period EN S235JR Pipe signifies a structural metal that displays a minimal yield energy properties of around 235 MPa.

    S500Q steel plate

    What is EN 10025-6 S500Q chemical?
    EN10025-6 S500Q quenched and tempered steel plate Chemical composition


    C %

    Si %

    Mn %

    P %

    S %

    N %

    B %

    Cr %











    Cu %

    Mo %

    Nb %

    Ni %

    Ti %

    V %

    Zr %












    What is EN 10025-6 S500Q Equal Grade.
    S500Q and S500QL steel plates are German standard high-strength structural steels, usually called high-strength plates, equivalent to the national standard Q500D,
    It is widely used in construction machinery and mining machinery.
    S500QL steel standard: EN 10025/6-2004 delivery status: quenched and tempered. S500Q series are: S500Q, S500QL, S500QL1.Second, S500Q chemical composition: The quality of S500Q is divided into three levels

    What is application of EN10025-6 S500Q?
    Used in buildings, bridges, ships, vehicles, pressure vessels and other structures, the carbon content (melting analysis) is generally not more than 0.20%, the total content of alloying elements is generally not more than 2.5%, the yield strength is not less than 295MPa, and it has good impact toughness
    And low alloy steel with welding function.

    What is EN 10025-6 S500Q mechanical properties?
    EN10025-6 S500Q quenched and tempered steel plate mechanical properties



    Min Yield (Mpa)

    Tensile (MPa)

    Elongation (%)

    Min Impact Energy




    Min 500Mpa




    Min 27J



    Min 480Mpa




    Min 27J



    Min 440Mpa




    Min 27J


    EN10025-6 S500Q 1.8924 carbon steel plate tolerances


    These groups often manage production, processing, quality assurance, inspection, documentary requirements and customs clearance formalities. Being a large multinational group, Tata Steel International can draw on appreciable internal assets together with technical help, experience in export finance and forex transactions, and entry to one of many world’s most comprehensive ranges of metals, including carbon, alloy and chrome steel. Amongst others, our product portfolio contains steels with higher yield level in the tempered state based on DIN EN . The chemical composition of structural metal is very important and highly regulated.

    1. There is no code for the first level: S500Q: P: ≤0.025, S: ≤0.015;
    2. The L-level code L is expressed as S500QL: P: ≤0.020, S: ≤0.010;
    3. The L1 code L1 is expressed as S500QL1: P: ≤0.020, S: ≤0.010
    4. The other ingredients are the same, as shown below:
    C:≤0.20, Si:s0.80, Mn:s1.70, N:≤0.015, B:≤0.0050, Cr:s1 .50, Cu:0.50, Mo:0.70,
    Nb: 0.06, Ni: s2.0, Ti: s0.05, V: ≤0.12, Zr: ≤0.15
    3. Application and prospect of S500Q S500QL/S500QL1
    S500Q applies construction machinery, mining machinery, coal mine machinery such as hydraulic supports, crane extension arms, crane extension arms,
    Excavator support arm, etc.
    Mainly used in the manufacture of hydraulic supports with high welding performance, heavy vehicles, construction machinery, and port machinery.
    4. S500Q series steel plate low-alloy high-strength structural steel:
    5, S500Q series steel plate series performance specifications: this trademark fulfills the EN 10025/6-2004 European standard specifications.
    6. Packaging, marking and quality certificate of S500Q series steel plate: The packaging, marking and quality certificate of steel plate shall comply with the rules of GB/T 247

    The mechanical properties of structural metal are crucial to its classification, and subsequently its software. Structural steel S500 has good tensile and yield energy and they are tabulated below. The minimal content material material of 0.015% applies to soluble aluminium,this worth is considered attained if the entire aluminium content material materials is no less than 0.018%; in case of dispute the soluble aluminium content material shall be decided New opportunities for patrons! Post free purchasing for requirement of steel S550Q (1.8904) Mechanical properties of steel S550Q (1.8904)Reviews 2COMP Cams Hi-Tech Pushrods Free Shipping on Feb 28,2016 s550q provides#0183;Find COMP Cams Hi-Tech Pushrods and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $ninety 9 at Summit Racing! As cam profiles get extra aggressive and valve spring pressures enhance,it’s somewhat more important to select probably the greatest pushrod in your utility.COMP Cams Hi-Tech pushrods are designed using excessive-top of the range premium steel alloy for a lifetime of energy and sturdiness.Price $81.50R-8904 Stainless Steel Bike Bollard Outdoor Bike ParkingR-8904 Stainless Steel Bike Bollard.USD $ 660.00.The R-8904 Bike offers versatile design and performance.Stainless metallic bike-locking arms are bolted internally to make sure protected storage for cyclists.Locking arms can be used to help in eradicating and transport for detachable capabilities. S550Q metal plate is a hydroelectric metal plate, which is a low-alloy high-strength metal plate. It has the characteristics of high yield and more strengthening alloy parts.

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    Why you need a steel bar footing in your detached garage.

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    EN10025-6 S500Q 1.8924 10mm carbon steel plate

    S355 structural grade carries minimum yield strength of 355 N/mm²m, the JR designation confirms that the link for you steel has undergone longitudinal Chary V-Notch influence testing at 27J at room temperature. S355J2WP steel is a hot rolled structural steel with anti-corrosion feature, additionally referred to as weathering metal and ambiance corrosion resistance metal, underneath normal EN . ASTM A283 plate steel features low and intermediate tensile strength carbon metal plate of structural high quality. Structural steel is a sort of building materials that’s made from specific grades of steel. Structural metal grades are manufactured with specific chemical compositions and mechanical properties to swimsuit specific purposes. Tata Steel International is a provider of piling merchandise, including both sheet and tubular piles, enabling us to supply solutions for all kinds of construction tasks, each momentary and everlasting.

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    Quenching operation which consists of cooling a ferrous metal plate further rapidly than in nonetheless air.Tempering warmth remedy utilized to a ferrous metal plate typically after quench hardening or different warmth treatment to convey the properties to the required diploma. High yield energy metal plate S500Q under EN owned the minimal yield vitality at 500 Mpa and tensile power within Mpa. Sell EN steel coil – S460QL,S460QL,S460QL1,S500Q,S500QL,S500QL1,S550Q,S550QL,S550QL1,S620QL,S690QL1,S890Q and S960Q with chemical and mechanical properties EN steel coil – S460QL,S460QL,S460QL1Sell EN steel coil – S460QL,S460QL,S460QL1,S500Q,S500QL,S500QL1,S550Q,S550QL,S550QL1,S620QL,S690QL1,S890Q and S960Q with chemical and mechanical properties EN Steel Plate,Steel Bar,Steel Tubes SupplierEN is Standard specifies Hot rolled products of structural steels.Technical delivery circumstances for flat products of excessive yield energy structural steels in the quenched and tempered situation.EN Standard main metal grade S460Q,S460QL1,S460QL,S500QL,S500Q,S500QL1,S550Q,S550QL,S690Q,S690QL,S890Q,S890QL,S960QL and so on. The suitability of en structural metal pipe contains functions corresponding to bolted connections, welding, in addition to riveting. Since non-alloy S235JR is definitely weldable and bendable, the material works out to be well fitted to use in non-important buildings.

    Description by Manufacturer
    Sell: EN10025-6 S500Q, S500QL, S500QL1 Steel plate
    1. Steel Grade :EN10025-6 S500Q, S500QL, S500QL1 S690Q, S690QL, S690QL1, S890Q, S890QL, S890QL1, S960Q, S960QL, S620Q, S620QL, S620QL1, S550Q, S550QL, S550QL1, S500Q, S500QL, S500QL1, S460Q, S460QL, S460QL1.
    2. Dimension(T*W*L) : Thickness: 6mm to 300mm ; Width: 1500mm to 4020mm ; Length: 4000mm to 18000mm
    3. Adopt Standard: EN 10025-6.
    4. Heat Treatment:
    Hot Rolled, CR, Normalized, Quenched, Tempering, TMCP, Electroslag Remelting Technical.
    5. Steel Services: Cutting, Painting, Ball blast, Pretreatment and the Third party in section in DNV, BV, LR, GL, ABS and CCS in super thick ship steel plate
    6. Payment Item: 30% TT, or LC and TT
    7. Trade Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF
    8. Delivery Time: 30-40days