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The AR550 is at the perfect hardness level to supply exceptional ballistic coverage while permitting us to use an ergonomic single press multi curve bend to the steel. Projects that require AR materials are typically people who want a selected balance between hardness and brittleness. As you enhance hardness, you additionally improve brittleness, making the fabric difficult to kind, form and weld. For some projects, hardness is crucial, so brittleness is sacrificed.

Hardox® 500

The most that occurs with the armor is half of that amount. There are AR600 and AR650 steel choices, however the additional hardness makes it susceptible to cracking because of the inherent stress ranges found in these steels after forming.

Hardox 450 steel


  • The resistance of the fabric could cause severe vibrations during drilling.
  • Tin (Sn) was first used as an alloying element with copper to type bronze.
  • Tin is a delicate metallic with shiny silver shade and is very corrosion resistant in air and water.

But in other cases, the fabric have to be shaped and dealt with, so the level of hardness have to be reduced. Different mills might have different “recipes” for AR metal, but produced materials is administered a hardness take a look at – generally known as the Brinell Test – to find out the class during which it falls. Before we dive into the difference between these frequent forms of AR metal, you will need to clarify that AR steels aren’t governed by a particular chemistry, however a level of hardness.

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The strongest identified material within the universe (in actual life) is diamene which is a form of graphene. It is actually stronger than graphene and graphene is already 200x stronger than steel. Boron nitride is likely one of the hardest steel alloys known at present. According to article from 2009, a fabric known as wurtzite boron nitride has a higher indentation strength than diamond. The scientists who made this discovery have also calculated that one other materials, lonsdaleite, is even stronger than wurtzite boron nitride and fifty eight percent stronger than a diamond.

This discovery marked the primary case where a fabric exceeded a diamond in strength underneath the same loading circumstances. In terms of hardness, Titanium just isn’t harder than a diamond either. Alloys are combinations of that produce an even stronger material. Tool steels (used to make tools) are alloyed with cobalt and tungsten.

Still, it’s always beneficial to pair your AR550 steel core physique armor with both a delicate physique armor backer or a trauma pad. This lets you even be shielded from any kinetic power that’s transferred to the plate/vest after which into the person’s physique. Backface deformation is the protuberance on the backside of the armor plate that occurs from a bullet hanging the armor. Even if the bullet does not penetrate the plate it still causes some protrusion, and that is what is measured and is important to concentrate to. The NIJ permits a maximum of 44 mm to cross the Level III hard armor testing necessities.