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The conversation isn’t solely about what a customer wants; however, what they need and wish it to do. Armed with the right data, we will advocate (and frequently present) the material finest suited to a specific project or application. Grade 350 Mild Steel is a medium strength structural steel product with nominal yield energy of 350 MPa. Class 250 Mild Steel is a medium power structural metal product with pure yield energy of 250 MPa.

Hardox® 550

Hardening (quenching) and tempering sheets and plates produce outstanding properties, which can be lost if labored incorrectly. Therefore precautions and protection measures should be taken when bending, welding, cutting, and grinding. It is put on the Plate, designed to last longer than standard mild steel. There are numerous hardness ranges with 400 and 500 being the most common.


  • Owing to its high tensile energy, the plates can also be used for load-bearing duties in certain functions.
  • We are engaged in supplying quality proven vary of Hardox four hundred Plate, which is an all-around wear-resistant plate.
  • The advantage of using this type of -resistant metal is that the plant, machinery, or construction working life could be prolonged considerably.

The UK’s leading provider to authentic gear producers & finish users of Hardox put on a plate and excessive power steel. By using Domex as a substitute for mild steel, you get a more reliable and higher quality product.

Dimension Range

In which you require less metal, much less welding, and will lower the weight of your structure, this will also cut back the manufacturing price. Based on previous projects at MTL, we have the potential to scale back the manufacturing costs and weight by up to 30%. This is particularly advantageous use in the automotive industry, where designers purpose to maintain structural weight low; however, energy dealing with ranges high.

Hardox 500 steel

There is no ASTM specification for AR steel, and it’s produced by a variety of metal manufacturers under a variety of trade names similar to Algoma four hundred and Hardox. Metal sheet and Plate with higher strength springs again throughout bending greater than standard steel sheets and plates. Wear plates such as Hardox wear plate with excessive strengths may be cold labored by bending and roll bending. Due to the higher power, nonetheless, components have to be applied to make sure that the bending and roll bending can be carried out with the very best quality.